Scot Crone Shares Info on Google+ Network

Google+ doesn’t seem like it is catching on or even near the widespread phenomenon of Facebook and its 1 billion users but Google has just announced that their social network has reached more than 500 million users according to their blog recently. Google has said that 135 million of these users are actively visiting their page and social network each month.

Back in September of 2012, Google announced that they had passed 100+ million users. It’s amazing that the social network can gain 100 million users in a few months when it doesn’t seem like the buzz in popular society is even talking about Google+.

People, the news, and mainstream media these days are talking about Facebook and Twitter seemingly 95% of the time in the social network talks. With this in mind, it is unclear how Google can become so popular without the extra promotion.

Google has also just shared that some of these 500 million users are just those with Google ID’s to login to the Google app store (235 million users) and other properties including YouTube and Google Search. The 135 million active users are those that actually use the Google+ network on a monthly basis.

The network still has some catching up to do with Facebook at one billion monthly active users and Twitter, which passed 140 million active users in March 2012.

Scot Crone